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The registration fees for the International Workshop on Data-Driven Computational and Theoretical Materials Design (DCTMD2024) are structured to encourage early registration, offering a discounted rate for those who register before July 1st, 2024. Here is a detailed breakdown of the registration fee structure for different participant categories:

Early Bird Registration (Before July 1st, 2024)

Faculty/Staff/Postdoctoral: 2800.0 RMB (or 380.0 USD)

Students: 2200.0 RMB (or 300.0 USD)

Regular Registration (After July 1st, 2024)

Faculty/Staff/Postdoctoral: 3500.0 RMB (or 480.0 USD)

Students: 2800.0 RMB (or 380.0 USD)

It's important to note that these registration fees do not cover accommodation and travel costs, which participants will need to arrange and finance independently.

Recommendations for Participants:

Early Registration: To take advantage of the discounted rates, consider registering for the workshop before the early bird deadline on July 1st, 2024.

Budget Planning: Since accommodation and travel expenses are not included in the registration fee, it's recommended to plan your budget accordingly and explore accommodation options early, especially to secure favorable rates.

Funding and Sponsorships: For students and postdoctoral researchers, it may be worthwhile to seek funding or sponsorships from your home institutions or external funding bodies to cover the registration, travel, and accommodation costs.

Visa Requirements: International participants should check visa requirements well in advance and factor in the potential costs and processing times into their travel plans.

Participation Value: Despite the costs, participating in DCTMD2024 offers valuable opportunities for learning, networking, and presenting your research to an international audience of peers and leaders in the field of data-driven materials science.


By planning ahead and considering these aspects, participants can ensure a smooth and beneficial experience at the workshop, making the most of the opportunities for professional development and collaboration.

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Important Dates

Online registration starts & first-round announcement
March 28, 2024
Abstract submission starts
May 1, 2024
Early bird registration closes & second-round announcement
July 1, 2024
Abstract submission closes
September 15, 2024
October 9-13, 2024


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